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  • Fosters art play and creativity for kids

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How it works

Transform paintings into art prints in just four easy steps!

  • Create a piece of Art on A4 paper to personalise your print.

  • Snap a photo with your phone to upload with your favourite design.

  • Pick a design, upload your art and you'll receive a preview after ordering.

  • Your order will be printed and delivered right to your door... Ready to hang or gift to a loved one!

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Customer favourites

Mini Matisse is an Aussie based business helping busy parents transform their kids artwork into affordable high-quality art prints. These keepable, original and keepsake art pieces truly celebrate your child's love of art and creativity and can be cherished for years. 

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"There’s something awe-inspiring about seeing their creative brain develop, and I wanted to capture that somehow while also saving their artwork from certain death on the fridge door."

Katie hanna - founder

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Free Personalised Monthly Print

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    Free Digital Personalized Print! Each month, we reveal a unique design crafted just for you. Dip your toes in and experience the joy of a personalized print. Secure yours today to transform your space with a touch of creativity.


Capture your child's art so you can enjoy it forever... Long after those precious pre-school years.

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