How it Works

Each Mini Matisse design was created to be personalised with a piece of your child's art.

To personalise your chosen design, take a photo of the artwork for personalisation and upload it with your favourite design. Your child's art becomes the colour for the design.

Every design on the website is shown with an example artwork to showcase the design and how it could look with child's artwork in the print.

Painting to Art Print Step By Step

Step 1 . Choose an artwork to create your custom print with or have your child create a piece specifically for the print.

Step 2. Using a phone, camera or scanner take a clear image of the art to email or upload with your order.

Step 3. Select design from the website to have personalised. You'll receive a preview of your final print before it is printed.

Step 4. Once you've approved the preview your order will be custom printed and delivered. Ready to hang or gift to a loved one!

frequently asked


What artwork should I pick?

Our prints compliment all artworks. For the best results pick artwork that covers most of the paper for a strong contrast in the design.

How do I upload my child's artwork?

Use the upload form on the product page to add your artwork before proceeding to checkout.

Can I use more than one artwork?

Absolutely, you can upload multiples artworks with the upload form.

Can I have a custom design?

Yes! Contact me at to discuss design possibilities.