Colour Scavenger Hunt - Mini Matisse

Colour Scavenger Hunt

Kids activity fun Colour Scavenger Hunt

Hey Mama, are you looking for a fun and creative way to keep your kids entertained in this last stretch of school holidays?

Why not give them a fun and colourful challenge with this awesome Kids Colour  Hunt Activity!

Suitable and adaptable for all ages, it's a great way to get kiddies active, exploring their surroundings, getting some fresh air (if you choose to do it outside) - plus it's great for stretching those minds too!!

And best of all - all you need to do is print it out!!

Download yours here

This is a open ended play card that can be used in all different ways, some of our family favourites are:


  • Colour scavenger hunt -use the card to find something of each colours. Can be used inside or outside.


  • Colour bingo - Make it a fast paced game of bingo by calling out a colour and having the kids run to get something to match.


  • One colour - Choose one colour and a have the kids search for things the same. This is a great learning tool for colour recognition.


  • Make your own - Instead of printing you can create your own colour hunt with collage, paints, textas or even items from nature


The ways to use this are endless, I would love to know how you use this in you home!

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