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Guide to buying frames

Where to find the best affordable frames australia

The most common frame buying mistakes!

Frame shopping can be overwhelming, but it doesnt need to be! We here at Mini Matisse have compiled a guide to help you buy the perfect frame for your Custom Prints for all budget options.

Your Local Frame Shop there's no better finish to an Art Print then a professional frame made by an experienced framer. Our prints are all museum grade quality, printed with archival inks, so choosing a frame of equal quality is ideal.  But there are many less expensive options that can work just as beautifully for less.

Kmart is a super cheap and accessible option when looking to buy a frame in Australia. The company offers a wide range of frames, many of similar designs to what you would see in high end decor stores, but for a fraction of the price. 

Kmart’s cheapest frames start at $2, and come in a range of colours and sizes. The largest frame that Kmart offers comes from their own brand Anko at 61 x 91.5cm. 

Although Kmart has an abundance of selection when it comes to their frames it is important to remember that Kmart quality is not the same as what you would expect from other more high end frame retailers and in many cases with kmart you get what you pay for. With that being said they are still an amazing option at such a low price point. 

Another popular retailer that stocks frames is Ikea. Ikea has a large range of frames in all sizes, including frames up to 50 x 70 cm. You can purchase Ikea frames online or in store but we recommend checking if they are in stock online before you go in store as Ikea are known to sell out of their frames. The retail giant has a great range of colours, with new seasonal colours coming out all the time. Ikea offers their frames in a wide price point as well, ranging from cheaper plastic frames at less than a dollar to larger, better quality frames priced at anywhere up to around the $50 mark. 

Another option for frames, perfect if you’re on a budget or looking to shop sustainably is checking at your local Op-shop. Frames are common across australian Op-shops such as the Salvos, Vinnies and Redcross. Op-shops are a great way to find frame shapes and colours that are more individual and less common. There are also many other benefits to buying  a frame from your local Op-shop, in many cases the money raised from Op-shops goes directly back to the community, often in the form of charities and shopping second hand also significantly decreases your carbon foot-print, helping our environment immensely. 

If you find a frame you love but the print doesn't fit you can always have your local frame shop cut a custom mount board for the frame, this is a great way to to achieve a professional look and a fraction of the cost. 

 Important things to note when buying frames

  • The Print fits the frame (sounds obvious right?! But even a cm off can ruin the whole print
  • Hanging Orientation of the frame matches the print
  • The Frame compliments the Print

More frame shops

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