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How to Photograph your art for Uploading

How to Photograph your art for Uploading

There are a few things to keep in mind when photographing your artworks to upload and create your Mini Matisse masterpiece. 

The first is to ensure you're taking the photos in a bright location. This is an absolute necessity and will make the biggest difference to the quality of your image, especially if you're shooting on a smartphone.

It is important you also make sure you focus your camera properly. This can be done easily when shooting on your iphone by just tapping the subject on your phone screen.  If you don't tap, your phone will still try to find focus, however often when it is done automatically by your phone it can still result in a blurry image. 

If you're using an iPhone, you should also try to adjust the exposure to ensure the perfect lighting in the image. This can be done by sliding your finger up or down the screen, depending on the lighting. When photographing art to create with Mini Matisse, we suggest ensuring it is bright, so often it's increasing the exposure rather than decreasing. The sun icon shows you the change, but you don't have to actually touch the icon to use this feature; anywhere on screen will work.

The last important aspect to remember when photographing your artworks is to capture the whole image! Often a birds eye view is best; keep your camera pointing straight down and make sure you've got the entirety of the art in shot.  We don’t want any funny angles here as it makes it harder for us to encompass the full artwork.

Start getting creative and use these steps to upload and create a Mini Matisse Masterpiece!

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