My Business Inspiration... - Mini Matisse

My Business Inspiration...

I was inspired to create my  business from a MUG...

Yep.. and this is the mug!!!!!

Over 4 years ago, when my son was new to childcare and I was in awe of all the adorable things he was learning and how he was growing and developing !!!! ( Not to mention the time I had to myself for the first time in 2.5 years!!!) A form came home for a mug fundraiser, as a crockery lover and coffee addict I was sold right away..

$25 for a mug created by my amazing son, I was not only going to get myself one, I was going to spread this joy and so I got one for my mother in law too!!
(Might I add here I would never usually ever spend $50 on two mugs!!!!)

I waited six weeks, eagerly anticipating this masterpiece of a mug!
When the mugs finally arrived I was so excited to collect them... and massively underwhelmed when I saw them.……….

Mini Matisse was not born straight away but my brain started ticking and thinking about it from that moment on that day!

Kids are full to the brim with creativity and artistic genius, their ability to just create is what artists spend a lifetime trying to master!

I wanted to find a way to collaborate with them and create something unique and original! I didn’t want another keepsake that I would inevitably tuck away in a box or a draw, I wanted something I could see every single day and remember just how special the early years are… Which that mug didn’t do for me!

My mission with Mini Matisse is to create a way for for families to showcase and celebrate their little ones creativity and pure creative ability.. So you can hang art in your home that makes everyone beam with love when they see it!!!

Ready to create your families own personalised print?

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