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The importance of flaunting your child's art


From sticking it on the fridge to rocking it on your yoga leggings, showing off your child's art is not only a growing trend, but it can also be incredibly beneficial for your child!

There are many more factors of importance than these, but here's our shortlist of favourite ways it can benefit your child… 

It shows your child that they are supported

by displaying your child's artwork, no matter what form - demonstrates your appreciation held towards them. Art is an integral component in one's life, at all ages and stages, in discovering and expressing who you are as a person, openly and without judgment. By exhibiting it around your house, you are actively saying to your child 'I see you, I respect you, and I love you for exactly who you are and who you want to be'. 

 Art encourages and fosters creativity not just for your kids but for everyone in your household 

By displaying your child's art; you are also expressing your passion for art and positively reinforcing the continued creation of it. Not only that, but seeing the artwork itself can spark your own creative juices, and as we create, we begin to access our thoughts, feelings and beliefs in which we couldn't express before. Ultimately leading to yourself and your family unleashing new experiences and ideas; you never thought were possible. 

It allows you to glimpse into the inner workings of your kid's brain Through noticing the details of your child's art; you can tap into your child's imagination and get a clue about what interests them. Artwork allows you to see the world through someone else's lens and guides you to apricating the things that they see as significant and what influences them in their daily lives. Hung on your wall, or on your autumn go-to scarf, you'll have that particular piece of their imagination captured to fondly cherish always.

It creates and shares memories 

Through parading their artwork all over the place; and giving it the same space, you would with a piece of designer clothing, your child can grow up knowing of the pride and acceptance you hold for their creativity. 

It promotes a culture of respect and integrity. 

The act of treasuring and taking pride in your child's creations promotes the concepts acknowledging and respecting other people's creations in your little one, as they have watched their family, their inner circle respect and treasure their creations. Therefore, they understand the value that your honour has added to them, and it creates a need to provide others with that same dignity. 


Really, nothing but pure bliss can come out of supporting your children and their creativity, so go ahead, chuck that tote bag over your shoulder and flaunt it!

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