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Why is process art important for kids?

As parents, it's important to provide our kids with creative outlets that allow them to express themselves - and process art is a great way to do just that! Process art encourages children to explore their imaginations while building new skills and exercising their creativity.

It emphasizes the journey of creating rather than a specific end result and allows children the freedom to experiment in whatever way works best for them.

So why exactly is process art such an important activity for kids?

Let’s take an in-depth look at the importance of self expression and discuss how you can get your family started in the joyous world of process art today!


1) Process art is important for kids because it helps them learn about their own creativity and how to express themselves. Set up a selection of papers, drawing mediums or paints for them to freely create, add glue and scissors to encourage collage creating. If you want a selection of my ultimates art materials picks kids  the mega art kit has the best curated selection!

2)It teaches them about collaboration and working together with others. Watch them interact as they create together,  they will navigate and master creating alongside each other.

3) It helps them develop problem-solving skills.. What colour to use? How to stick this part down? It may seem simple, but its these tiny decisions that make a massive impact! When kids are not being shown and told 'to stick the bunny ears here' and are left to use their imaginations so many neural pathways are being formed!

4) It encourages self-expression and helps them understand their own emotions..  As above choosing what colour to use, how big to draw, where to glue... Its all self expression.

5) It teaches them patience and how to be perseverant.

6) It allows them to explore different materials and mediums, helping them discover their own artistic talents. My son never enjoyed drawing where as my daughter had been drawing since she could hold a texta! However when my son discovered oil pastels, he suddenly was drawing every chance he had.. He know keeps a set in his room! These are our favourite oil pastels!

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